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In February 2016 ACU took over the most amazing community school at Ayenyah in Ghana. The community consists of a collection of mud hut dwellings and is around 50km outside of the capital Accra. Our school is adjacent to the community and it’s their only option for a primary education within a 5km radius.

As you can see from the photos it is such a wonderful place with 6 classrooms, a library, an IT block, a Netball Court, a Football Pitch along with a Health Clinic. It is such an important place for the community and we encourage, via the PTA, that the local people embrace the opportunity that this school gives to their children.

Before ACU took over there were 42 children attending most days. As of July we have 103 turning up, smartly dressed and ready to learn.

There is so much we need to do at Ayenyah to make this school something that the whole community can be proud of. We badly need to fix the roofs before the rains return as some are so bad they are washing away the supporting mud walls.

We need to put the teachers through an intensive training course as the results of recent exams have shown that standards are just not good enough. We want to continue our newly introduced Adolescents Club that helps the youth of the village understand about sex and its consequences and that it is alright to wait and/or refuse. We also want to initiate a programme around menstrual awareness and hygiene, de-stigmatising and educating all concerned.

It is really is a fantastic place but it costs money to do all that we do and achieve all that we want to achieve. If you can find it in your heart then please donate via this website or maybe hold your own fundraising event?

You may like to visit the school for yourself? If so please contact us via the contact form on our website.