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Audio Book

The concept of an audio book had always been considered to be an excellent way of bringing the vital and touching aspects of David Russell’s life and work over many decades to a wider international audience.

But first it was necessary to establish a framework on which to build the basic elements in order to have a logical and easy method to take on board the essential aspects of his wonderful words, not only developing his story but also allowing him to read many of his beautifully crafted poems to reinforce his in-depth answers to unspoken questions.

The audio book was honed and refined until everyone involved was satisfied that it conveyed all the right messages and feelings to its global audience.

Then we will not or cannot lose contact with life.

Those who have now listened to the audio-book have given it unstinting praise as the contents have struck sympathetic chords with so many people. Sublime gentle background music has been especially composed, creating a unique soothing and calming ambience throughout the audio book, which adds immensely to the overall power of David Russell’s spoken words.

The audio book is one which will repay the listener many times over as it will reveal something new and insightful at each playing.

As David Russell says, “it is a signpost or lighthouse showing a better way to a better life.”

  • Price: £7.99
  • Genres:Spoken Word, Music
  • Released: 25 September 2015
  • Copyright: 2015 Treasure Island