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ACU Centres

A Child Unheard Foundation is a charity dedicated to establishing Centres in the UK, throughout Africa and beyond, in order to provide safe havens and healing opportunities for young people and parents who have suffered sometimes unspeakable adversity.

In our current turbulent times people are struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, abuse, addictions, war damage, or hereditary issues, which there is often nowhere for them to turn.

The vision of the centres comes from David Russell, founder of ACU, and stems directly from David’s book “A Child Unheard,” a poetical autobiography.

In Mityana, Uganda, the first A Child Unheard Centre was opened on Easter Monday, 2008. It has helped provide a safe, secure and caring environment with access to advisers and staff who’s aim it is to aid in the healing process, whilst also offering hope and encouragement for a new future.

In February 2016, the second A Child Unheard School was opened in Ayenyah, Ghana, which is now helping provide the community and children of Ayenyah with the same safe haven as previously created in Mityana. Read more about the school in Ayenyah by clicking here: Latest ACU School – Ayenyah, Ghana.

It is with your support that the centres can be sustained, whether through fundraising activities, donations, or getting involved to help spread the ACU message – the funds help to provide the centres with the resources required, such as books, food for the children, and qualified teachers.

Watch our short documentary below on what ACU has managed to achieve in Mityana…