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This is the first ever A Child Unheard documentary. The documentary highlights some of the issues that the people of Uganda face in everyday life and how  the "A Child Unheard Foundation" is helping.


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A Child Unheard Album Trailer 
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A Child Unheard - Helping you to help yourself!

A Child Unheard Foundation is a registered charity (registered charity no 1136396) working to improve the lives of children in Africa. A Child Unheard Foundation wants to help improve the lives of the children by providing them with a safe and caring environment in which they can develop. The centres opened by the foundation provide free education to young children. The first centre has been opened in Mityana, Uganda and it is hoped that many more centres will be opened in the future.

The centres are based on the core values of the book, A Child Unheard written by David Russell. The key stage in all our lives is the environment that we were raised in as children. Our childhood is arguably one of the most critical stages in human life. In addition to the opening of the centres the foundation has many projects that are being developed to generate revenue and to raise the profile of the charity. Below are some examples of some of the projects that are currently being developed:

Music - The long term objective is take the poems from the book, A Child Unheard, and convert them to music tracks and music track and albums. The revenue generated from the music will be reinvested into the charity and at the same time, probably more importantly, give talented musicians and bands the opportunities to showcase their talents and express their emotions and interpretations of the poems. The youths who attend the centre in Mityana, Uganda have created their own music recording studio in the A Child Unheard centre in Mityana, Uganda. More information is on the centres page.


Centres - Create centres where children can be educated, encouraged and loved in countries where opportunities maybe very, very limited. The first A Child Unheard centre has been opened in Mityana, Uganda.


Theatre Productions - A script for a stageshow musical has been produced based on the book A Child Unheard. The dream is to one bring the script to life and provide young children and adults with the opportunity to star in the show and showcase their talents and help spread the word about A Child Unheard.


Workshops - Life skills workshops to help children and adults in countries where little support and help is available. These have already started at the centre in Mityana, Uganda.

A Child Unheard Foundation is a unique charity that provides opportunities for everyone that gets involved. Please check out the website and if you would like to know more information about the work of A Child Unheard Foundation please email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We have to break the cycle

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Child Abuse Is A World Wide Problem – Help us end it now!

Child abuse is all over the news. All around the world children are suffering all forms of abuse, mental, physical and sexual. Each child deserves our help to end the awful cycle of harm they are suffering, to make them understand that it’s not acceptable, it’s not their fault and that there is a way out of the despair they are feeling.

And we want to educate them, so that they and their future children will have a better life.

We have to break the cycle!!!


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About the Author

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David was born in 1952 and within 5 weeks was rushed into hospital for a life saving operation. He was suffering from a condition known as pyloric stenosis, which at this time was a life threatening illness and despite his tender years he was operated on without anaesthetic. As well as health issues David was referred to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in 1955 at 3 years of age. The consultant referred to David as "a rather miserable, stubborn difficult boy who has a lot of disagreements with his brother, but it is at first difficult to believe that this pain is just a neurosis."